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Improve the volume and shape of your lips safely with Forever Young Clinic. A lip filler does more than increase volume. It can define the natural contours of the upper and lower lip for a more pronounced Cupid’s bow. If the demarcation between your lip and the normal skin surrounding it (called the vermillion border) is weak, treating the area with filler will clarify it. Our lip injection treatment can elevate the corners of your mouth, eliminating an angry or sad look when your mouth is down turned.

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Avoid “Trout Pout” and “Duck Lips” with Forever Young Ottawa's Lip Treatments

The phenomenon known as “trout pout” or “duck lips” you see on some celebrities is caused by overfilling of the lips by the aesthetic provider. Our practitioners avoid this outcome, through extensive training, lots of experience and by administering only the absolute necessary amount. A competent practitioner adjusts the amount of product used and applies it in the right spots to give every patient an attractive, natural look. When properly administered, a lip injection does more than make the lips fuller and more voluptuous; it helps improve the symmetry and natural beauty of the patient’s face.

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Advantages of Lip Treatments

Our lip treatments are quick and minimally invasive generally taking between 30-45 minutes. The recovery time is extremely short and should not interfere with your normal routine. After an in depth consultation our team will determine the right amount of product needed to give your lips a beautiful and natural full look. Clients may experience certain adverse affects such as minor swelling and bruising. For more details please contact one of our medical professionals. 

A few recommendations before your procedure:

Avoid exercising, facials or massages on the day of your treatment, as these activities increase blood flow to the face and increase the chance of bruising. Stop taking fish oil, aspirin and Vitamin E ten days before the procedure since they thin the blood, which many lead to bruising and bleeding.

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Is Lip Treatment Right for Me?

If your goal is to achieve a more even and full smile that compliments your facial structure, Lip Augmentation may be right for you. The treatment is not about obtaining overly large lips but is more about increase facial symmetry by increasing the volume of the lips via strategic injections. 

You’re probably a good candidate for lip augmentation if you:

  • Have thin lips that disappear when you smile
  • Need fuller or shapelier lips to balance your facial symmetry
  • Have uneven lips (a thin upper or bottom lip)
  • Want fuller, more attractive lips

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  • I had such an excellent experience here. Not only was the staff completely professional, answered all my questions, the place was extremely clean and well lit. I was satisfied with the procedure and felt that for the work that I got done the pricing was excellent.
    Nicole D

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